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Southside Creative is a union of designers coming from different countries. We are encouraged to contribute our ideas, experiences, and perspectives gleaned from various cultural backgrounds. We are vivid, energetic and sharp. With full efforts, we help customers to enhance the strength of its brand and seek for best marketing solution not only through views of ourselves but also from the broadest arrays of understanding and techniques on a global and local scale.


CEO: Don Chen
Born in Taiwan, CEO of Southside Creative, Don Chen, possess rich experience in a wide range business industry. The abundant experience accomplishes his work attitudes, do the right thing and do it perfect. Pursuing perfection and satisfaction is Don’s motto which is written into Southside Creative corporate identity, a counter clockwise circle symbolizing the circle of its vigor life as well as uniqueness and endless creativity to bring about radical breakthrough and fruitful achievements to its customers in the fast-changing market. Insisting to base Southside Creative in Taiwan, Don has farsighted to expand its business frontier to China, Germany, and USA. Led by Don Chen, creativity born in happiness and diversity is the DNA of Southside Creative.


Creative director: Ted Tao
Creative director, Ted Tao, was born in Taiwan and grew his creativity by his varied life experience living in Singapore, Europe, and China. “Curiosity”, “courage” and “insistence” has always been his life philosophy. Ted is always appealed to anything new and happy to take challenges as well as to advance his creative talent and vitality. Brilliant idea is always brought by Ted’s transcendental genius to amaze our customers. Several awards winning in the International Design Contests actively shows his creative talent. Ted is a passionate believer that creativity should live everywhere and most of our customers agree he is one of the most talented people they ever worked with.